The view on the Chianti Hills from the living room situated in the tower of Villa Tavernaccia

The Tower

An old dovecote, the ocher-hued tower is now a lofty living room that offers commanding views of nearby Florence and the emerald-green countryside. Between the second floor and the living room, there’s the most private of the bedrooms in the Villa, on a luminous and delightful mezzanine. 
The tower is composed of a mezzanine and a top floor. The mezzanine consists of a double bedroom with en suite, while the high level is a spacious living room with four wide windows. All the spaces offer the same level of comfort and services as the rest of the villa.

  • 25 square meters per floor
  • Double bedrooms with en suite
  • Panoramic Living Room
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating

"A picturesque setting and fantastic views plus ambiance. I couldn’t imagine a week anywhere else."

Gabriela Prado
The map of the tower of Villa Tavernaccia

Double Bedroom

In a private and discrete spot of the villa, this bedroom is as charming as it gets. The bed is dressed with a cover of premium linen, the Venetian chairs are circa 1800, and the desk is from the late 19th century. On the wall, 19th-century french engravings, while the floor is covered in terra-cotta tile from the near Impruneta.
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An experience
like no other

Here at Villa La Tavernaccia, Tuscan hospitality meets the high standards and elegance of the world’s best châteaux in a timeless fairytale setting.
The only way to understand it is to try it.